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10 Easy Ways To Engage People in Conversation

Last week we split into teams to get out on the streets and ask some questions, using the titular 10 easy ways to engage people in conversation we had developed over the previous week. On Thursday, Ciarán and I hit Ha’penny bridge with approximately 2 bajillion cyan ribbons, which we attached to the bridge.

We then asked friendly passersby to write the one great thing they knew about in the city – that not many people know – on the ribbons.

We got some amazing answers (and some slightly not so amazing – the Spire isn’t a hidden gem, people! Though to be fair, it’s difficult to come up with something on the spot).  We’re busy rifling through them, even now, to pick out the juiciest ones to share with you.

Friday was a little more difficult. The weather was nothing short of heinous and stopping someone for a chat in the middle of the bridge would just have been cruel, so we moved on to other locations, including the arch at the entrance to Trinity and Mercheants Arch, directly in front of the bridge.  Even in these more sheltered spots, people were eager to get out of the awful rain, so for the afternoon, I chatted to wonderful people behind the IFI, who told me all about the wonderful places, things, groups and people they knew in the city.

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