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JC—Thoughts on village Market process

Thoughts on our process in the village market at the point depot.

We identified the Village Market (Point Depot) as a location to speak to people who may not normally use the City centre.
The objective being:
(1) To find out where the City centre is for them l (2)To identify little known gems-locations/experiences/events in the City centre.

While the people we met were of most age groupings (no teenagers), from young children (accompanied by parents) to grandparents in their fifties to eighties and spoke of visiting the City on occasions from daily to a couple of times a month. They wouldn’t have been on the streets during the day when we carried out other processes. They worked in the City, some were mothers on maternity leave or socialised in the evening or weekends.
Parents tended to answer for the children and indicated the need to speak to children in an environment where they will be allowed to express their opinion, maybe school classes or youth groups. Even these locations tend to isolate the vast majority of children as teachers will point you towards the best classes or presumed brighter children. We need to find a way of talking to children and teenagers in a way thats acceptable and at the same time allows access to all socio/economic/emotional classes living in the city.
Some people had very specific places they socialised.

The process was very positive and validated our previous findings that pointed to people being very proud of the city but frustrated at not having a say in it’s developement.
There was anger at how dirty the city is and the lack of rubbish bins. there was also major concern at how we leave our homeless on the streets while we have so many empty buildings.
Some people expressed concern about the amount of begging and drug use visable on our streets. Some of the best conversation happened when we put away our sheet and stopped recording.

The two gems that surfaced for me were the hidden garden in Dublin Castle and the playground/graveyard off Camden row.
I found that people generally are very proud/enthuiastic about Dublin but feel they are not listened to. When given the choice people were very generous with their ideas and opionions.

Dublin-A City shaped by it’s enthuisiam.

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