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Lets get out there!!!!!

What a very busy week we had last week. We were set with the task of working on the following:

” These Are  The People Who”  and  “100 Exciting Things You Did Not Know About Dublin” 

We will engage with “These are the  people who” through scheduled conversation’s,we will be  inviting in a mix of:  People, Businesses,Management and Organisations. The “100 Exciting Things You Did Not Know About Dublin”   will be explored through street engagement. 

I choose to work on  “These are people who”. This involved going back to the matrix and picking out who we wanted to talk to based on the  mixture of  30 headings that we had under  this theme for example  Children and Youth in the city. We picked out stakeholders who have experience in the theme but we also want to create a space that would make for an interesting conversation so the mix also needed to be  contrasting.  I found it enjoyable ,difficult, frustrating,exhausting and a learning experience . We got there and I found it to be worthwhile when we got over the first couple of hurdles. 

The next stage is to get these people in a room and run the scheduled conversation’s. Meanwhile the street engagement will go ahead. The other half of the team have  been working hard on thinking up innovative and creative ways to catch peoples attention. I look forward to being a part of this process.   The information gathered from this work will mean that we will have more input,ideas and thoughts from the stakeholders, which  is very important for going forward.

In the middle of working on  the above we also had to prepare for a visit from the Steering Committee. The purpose of their visit was for us to give them an overview and a taste of what we have been up to for the last five weeks. We also got to pick their brains to get information from them on the above task .  It really helped to find out that we are on the right track and that the hard work we have been doing is worthwhile and useful.

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