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Week 3 – What we learned with the KaosPilots

During our collaboration with the Kaos pilots their original processes they had designed in Aarhus were developed and implement on the unsuspecting public of Clongriffin. These processes were designed around 9 questions that Designing Dublin prepared for the KaosPilots; based on the initial research Designing Dublin did in Clongriffin the week before.

In the previous post, we talked a little about processes — what they are and how they work — and gave an example of a process designed by Susan, Sarah and Jens. But there were many more processes designed and here, we would like to talk a little more about them.


Clongriffin was? Clongriffin is? Clongriffin will be?
Prototype: Postcards

This process involved making blank postcards with specially chosen images on the back (eg. basket of fruit, picture of a beach, vegetables). Residents of Clongriffin were asked to imagine what the area would be like in 10 years time and invited to write a postcard to a friend telling them about their experience. This processes produced powerful and inspiring stories.

» Celine » Rachel » Peter


How do we increase the vibrancy of experiences and encounters?
Prototype: Outdoor living room

This group ran the Living Room project on the main street of Clongriffin. The single strongest request from feedback with the people of Clongriffin was for a social space, as there is currently no café, pub or community center. This process created a prototype of a public social space which surprised and engaged with the people using the main street.

» Eimear » Susan » Jens


How do you open up and connect Clongriffin?
Prototpe: Drawing/Expressing

This group asked children in the local primary school (St Francis of Assisi) how they moved around Clongriffin. The children (aged 4-6 and 10-12) were invited to visualize and draw how they might like to see themselves move around in the furture. The work was exhibited as part of the Café project in the evening.

» Nicky » Sophie » Jim


How can we reinvent spaces into places?
Prototpe: Café/Exhibition

This process engaged with the children in the local primary school (Educate together). The group asked children to re-imagine spaces around Clongriffin. Children were given photographs of spaces around Clongriffin and asked to re-imagine them using collage and colour. The finished work was then displayed in an open space on the main street. The results were extraordinary. A mixture of children, teenagers and adults came to the exhibition, interacted with one another and produced more of their own artwork.

» Peter » Lauren » Emma » Maya


How do we enable expression, talents, experiences, activities, beauty, love/joy?
Prototype: Giant newspaper

This team created a Giant Newspaper named theThe Clongriffiner which they then moved around various spaces in Clongriffin. The process enabled Clongriffiners to express their experience and understanding of the area.

» Nathaniel » Luke » Marcos » Aileen


How can we facilitate cross cultural exchanges?
Process: Discussion

Designed a process to engage Clongriffiners in a deep discussion about cultural exchange in Clongriffin and ways in which cultural exchange can be fostered.

» Eilish » Thjis


How can Clongriffin invent and utilise new economic opportunities?
Process: Discussion

Engaged a group of people from Clongriffin in a discussion about the potential economic assets in the area and how Clongriffiners could empower themselves more economically. To focus the discussion, the team used the metaphor of an engine, which they had prepared as a drawing on a piece of paper. During the course of the discussion Peter, Emmanuel, Ken and Brian filled this image with words and phrases they heard during the discussion.

» Peter » Emmanuel » Ken » Brian

How do we turn the passion that’s in dispute into passion for the future?
Process: Metaphor/Discussion

For this process, Daniel had designed a visual piece which involved three walls. This team invited people from Clongriffin to talk about some of the issues they were experiencing. The information was then harvested and written up on each wall.

» Daniel » Deirdre

DD_Sept_Nov 039

How do you help people understand the potential of the environment of Clongriffin?
Process: Walking tour

This team asked a group of professionals to visually express alternative uses for spaces as part of a walking tour of the hidden spaces in Clongriffin.

» Jeremy » Rachel » Geert

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