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Week 5 – Refining Processes with Kristin and Paul

Kristin and Paul joined the team on Monday morning and since then have been zooming in, zooming out, shaking, bouncing and turning the team’s processes around. To begin with, the team rediscovered what we already knew about processes. We then dreamed about what we are capable of doing. They reminded us of the importance when stuck in details to step back and see the bigger picture of Love the City and what we want to achieve this week.

Preparations then began for the processes, focusing on what had to be brought individually in terms of communication skills, preparing oneself and meeting difficulties, what the framework for the process is such as creating the structure, holding the space, hearing all of the voices and keeping relevance and finally how the information would be harvested.

The design of each process was then reviewed with Paul and Kristin offering wonderful insights and advice, encouraging the team to see their processes with new eyes and to let go of assumptions. It’s been a really fruitful and inspiring two days with Paul and Kristin. The processes are now ready to be tested on Wednesday and Thursday with friends of Love the City.

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