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Week 4 – Volunteer Night 2 ‘Pitch Night’

With the Love the City team frantically immersing themselves in the project, we felt it time to open the doors and met all of the wonderful people who have let us know that they would like to be involved in Love the City in some way. Two weeks previously, we held a meeting to listen and find out what people are interested in doing. At the moment, we are exploring three ways of engaging a part-time volunteer group with Love the City:

1. Project Genies. These are people who have an idea, concept or have identified an issue and would like to run a project around this with the support of Designing Dublin 2.0 – Love the City.

2. Shout it out. This is perfect for someone who would like to get involved in communicating Designing Dublin 2.0 – Love the City.

3. Project Ambassadors. This role involves partaking in workshops, events or opening as part of Designing Dublin 2.0 – Love the City.

‘Pitch Night’ was an opportunity for potential Project Genies to pitch their ideas, concept, issue, niggling feeling, half baked notion and the group to feedback and then vote to see which had the potential to go further. The evening was a great success, with 18 projects spanning many disciplines, areas of interests and perspectives pitched! The power of the people in the room to have an impact in the City Centre was truly inspiring. If 1, 3, or even 5 of these projects became real, they would spark positive change in the City.

If you would love to get involved as a volunteer also, please email Eimear (eimear@design21c.com) and if you missed ‘Pitch Night’ but have an idea that would transform the City, please come along to a Volunteer meeting and pitch, pitch, pitch! Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings every two weeks. The next meeting will be Wednesday 27th October from 6 to 7:30 in our offices in Ormond Building, Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7.

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