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Week 3 – Energisers (Street Fighter)


How it works

  1. Everyone stands in a circle
  2. Each player passes an invisible ball of energy from one person to the next (using the methods shown above) and shouting Block or Yoga Flame! or Sonic Boom.
  3. If you get it wrong and you have to die horribly!

What is an energizer?

Street fighter is an energiser or game. This is an idea introduced to us by the KaosPilots. The concept of energizers is central to the philosophy of the KaosPilots. If and when concentration levels are low a call is put out to the group for an energizer. It is a moment to blow off steam and re-engage your brain.

How is this useful?

Many large companies regularly engage in energisers of this kind. The marketing section in Pringles, for instance, use the concept of unexpected fun secretly scheduled into peoples diaries. What would happen if energizers of this kind were common practice in offices across the country? Would national levels of productivity plummet or soar?

» Eilish

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