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One Day Project

After our intensive week of ideation and research, we discussed our findings and pitched our project ideas. Everyone in the group voted on their favourites from other people’s ideas (it was limited to the Storytelling and Spirit ideas for the purpose of this particular exercise). Based on which ideas went down particularly well with the group, we quickly prototyped a project which could be implemented in one morning. Speedy stuff!

I chose my “Positive Protest” idea. The concept was based on the idea of inverting the meaning of an everyday trope with a view to provoking thought and reflection in viewers regarding the norm of that action, through gentle subversion. In this case, the goal was to invert the usual associations that go with the idea of ‘protest’. A protest is, by definition, the act of expressing disapproval or objection to something but for my protest, I made up placards which only made positive statements. Then I stood outside the Dáil and had a little happy picket.

I was hoping that people might get annoyed at me (wannabe agent provocateur that I am), but (unfortunately?) all the passersby seemed to really enjoy it and got quite a kick out of our shenanigans. Although we only protested for an hour over lunchtime, we attracted a huge amount of attention, were photographed by a journalist and later that evening I was asked to give a radio interview on ITT Radio. A resounding success all round!

The particular reasons why I picked this specific idea were mostly down to practicality (easily made over the course of a morning) and there was no need to rely on public interaction. Anyone who wished could join in on the protest (I brought spare signs and sign-making materials for just such an eventuality), but the success of the project relied only on people’s reactions, not their participation.

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