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Week 4 – ‘What is Dublin For?’ visit

‘What is Dublin For?’ is a fellow project of the Creative Dublin Alliance, exploring the identity of Dublin. In order to give the Designing Dublin 2.0 Love the City team a better understanding of the work they have done and the insights the work has provoked, we were joined by Mark from the Brand Union and Aileen who began the project as a student in DIT and is now working on the project full-time. The project began as a collaboration between The Brand Union, as well as students from Michael Smurfit School of Business and the DIT Masters in Professional Design Practice.

Mark firstly discussed the importance of having a genuine and positive identity for a City, giving the example of Delhi, where huge amounts had been invested in the identity of the City but the recent issues around the Commonwealth games brought to light the inconsistency between the Cities identity and its reality, “Places are what places do, not what places say they do”. The project is currently at the research and discovery phase, and they have engaged in four methods of inquiry: desk research, qualitative interviews with key Dublin figures, workshops with citizens and wider public engagement using social media. From this research, they have uncovered nineteen insights and associated opportunities. This comprehensive information was welcomed by the Love the City team, who are now facing the task of exploring the workings of the City.

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