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100 Ideas! Interaction

Here are my ideas on the theme of Interaction;

1. Sample city sounds & mix & play them back as music.

2. Digital billboards show anonymous texted-in messages.

3. Tiny speakers whisper the history of a place.

4. Patterns on footpath are revealed when it rains.

5. Turn a caravan into a gallery. Park it wherever you want. Don’t pay rent, just parking costs.

6. Display blogs on digital signs in bus stops. Daily updates.

7. Extend the seating part of park benches to make communal sun loungers.

8. Take 100 people. give them eye-tracking glasses. What do they look at?

9. Have a spotlight follow one person in a crowd.

10. Hack digital road signs to display something glibly pacifying.

11. Sling hammocks between poles.

12. Travellator streets.

13. Swings everywhere!

14. Dig up O’Connell street. Plant a forest.

15. Colour in every street you visit on  a map of Dublin.

16. Paint all the footpaths in Dublin so when it wears off you can see exactly where people walk.

17. Take a wall and cover it in post its. Each post it has an idea for something to do. Also, the post its are layered in different colours.

18. Playgrounds (sorry… “gyms”) for adults in parks.

19. Light switches on lamp posts (yes, I know, stolen from S.I.)

20. Have conversations with CCTV cameras.

21. Put a frame around your bike that makes you as big as a car.

22. Mirror the paths so when you look down you see the sky.

23. Plant fruit trees.

24. Smell trails – lead ‘em by the nose

25. Very informal version of heritage plaques. Just posters.

26. Railings of different heights play tunes when hit with a stick.

27. Climbing walls on the side of buildings.

28. Rubbish bin slot machines

29. “Billie Jean” light-up footpaths.

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