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100 Ideas! Society

Here are my ideas based around the theme of Society;

1. Give guided tours of deeply mundane sites in Dublin.

2. Have singles’ nights in supermarkets, galleries, etc.

3. Give whatever you have to hand to the first person you meet.

4. Official signs have  a random name on them so that one person feels very engages.

5. Give guided tours to just one person. Actually just bring them on a date.

6. Have a secret flash mob where no-one does anything unusual.

7. Stand on the street with a clipboard. Ask deeply personal questions.

8. Stalk someone different every day for a week.

9. Have a café on the LUAS.

10. Walk around in a burka.

11. Send a text to a random number.

12. Have a jumble sale. Give away everything you own.

13. Street parties!

14. Start a chat on the bus.

15. Public pot-luck lunch – random seating

16. Have a secret restaurant in your house.

17. Giant Connect 4 all over the city.

18. Giant skipping rope.

19. See-saw benches – cooperation!

20. Disco in public places.

21. Public pianos.

22. Set up lots of very niche clubs. Limit membership to 150 (Dunbar’s number) so everyone gets to know each other.

23. Have people display their rental cost in their window.

24. Bring your own lunch café. For people who bring lunch to work but don’t want to eat in the office.

25. Event guide in bus stops.

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