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Stakeholders and Users Process

Vincent and I were tasked with coming up with a process to engage the stakeholder group we had identified under the themes of periphery, transport and innovation under the broader theme of enterprise.

We took a look at what the strengths and weaknesses of the group, and tried to narrow the focus of our theme. The theme we came up with was “Mobilizing Resources to Maximum Effect”.

The importance of this theme is uncovering hidden gems, and working with what we have to best effect.

The process we planned to run was to get our stakeholders to come on a magical journey in a horse and cart to some of Dublin’s peripheral hidden gems.

We planned on meeting the group at the convention center. There we would confiscate their phones, and give them all a disposable camera to photograph their journey with.

The first stop would be the Point, where they would be given an envelope with a question in it – what’s your favourite hidden gem in the city? The stakeholders would be asked to draw their favourite hidden gem.

The second stop would be Sandymount, where we would ask How could we better connect Dubliners with the sea?

The third stop would be IMMA where the participants would be asked whether they think there is separation between business and creativity in the city, and what could be done to improve it?

The final stop would be the people’s garden, where we would ask how can we make the periphery of Dublin more central, in an efficient manner?

This was the outline of our initial process. However, as things progressed, we realised we would have to make several changes… Again flexibility and a willingness to run with the adaptation needed were key lessons…

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