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100 Ideas! Entrepreneurialism

Here are my ideas based on the theme of Entrepreneurialism;

1. Tax free for 3 years for Irish start-ups (usually takes that long to start making money anyway)

2. Give real start-ups businesses as online presence projects to digital media students.

3. Bartering system/network between start-ups (e.g. new studio gives desk space to web designers in exchange for work)

4. Instead of paying taxes, invest the equivalent money in your choice of infrastructure, scheme, etc. If it raises Gross National Happiness, you receive a dividend.

5. Make it easier for people on the dole to start up companies.

6. Dragon’s Den for social entrepreneurs.

7. Free adverts on TV for start-ups (part of RTE’s public service remit)

8. Voluntary business mentors.

9. The Long Tail. Sell nothing but hundreds of exotic fizzy drinks.

10. Combine allotments with a market (can’t get more local than that).

11. Give empty shops to start-up companies rent free until a paying leaseholder is found.

12. Network for entrepreneurs & designers and Irish manufacturers and craftspeople.

13. Have a shop which sells only one item. Replace it with something completely different when it sells.

14. Grants to cover public liability insurance for one year for low-cost, low-capital start-ups.

15. Help a ten-year-old set up a REAL business, no matter how small.

16. Speed dating for investors and entrepreneurs.

17. Branding campaign/network of Irish start-ups (support local!)

18. Convince big retailers to stock local products (like Waitrose in the UK do)

19. Micro-investment website. Own 0.001% of a business for a tiny investment.

20. Open a public fab-lab so people can manufacture their products in small batches.

21. One day a week, remove the necessity for street-trader licence.

22. Roof in streets to make arcades (it rains A LOT here)

23. Co-op entrepreneurs. 5-20 people rent a shop together to sell their work. Split costs and work.

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