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Week 3 – The KaosPilots & processes


The KaosPilots arrived in week 3 and brought with them 9 processes which they had designed. But even as they stood up to present their designs most of the Designing Dublin team were still asking themselves: what exactly is a process?

The moment of enlightenment for me was when I was actually asked to collaborate in designing a process. I learned that a process was a method of engagement that encouraged people to open up and express themselves more freely. For example: One process that was designed by Susan, Sarah and Jens involved setting up an outdoor living room on Clongriffin’s main street. This method of engagement attracted encounters that might otherwise never have happened and allowed for discussions that enabled the team to learn more about Clongriffin.

There were 9 essential questions that Designing Dublin felt needed to be asked in order to proceed with their project.  These questions had been formed as a result of the initial research Designing Dublin did in Clongriffin the week before:

  1. Clongriffin was? Clongriffin is? Clongriffin will be?
  2. How do we increase the vibrancy of experiences and encounters?
  3. How do you open up and connect Clongriffin?
  4. How can we reinvent spaces into places?
  5. How do we enable expression, talents, experiences, activities, beauty, love, joy?
  6. How can we facilitate cross cultural exchanges?
  7. How can Clongriffin invent and utilise new economic opportunities?
  8. How do we turn the passion that’s in dispute into passion for the future?
  9. How do you help people understand the potential of the environment of Clongriffin?

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