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Week 4 – Malmö City Council visit

This afternoon, we were joined by a taskforce from Malmö City Council who were interested in learning more about the Love the City project. They are working to tackle issues around the City’s core engagements and values, through the medium of storytelling. The team is made up of 50 group leaders from various backgrounds and departments, from teachers to communications. With Malmö City’s focus shifting from shipping to the knowledge economy, their project aims to:

1. Establish a cross-sectional climate in the City

2. Establish a new foundation of values

3. Transform the City Council into an appealing employer for young people

The Malmö team engaged with the KaosPilots to develop a process to get insights and stories of City workers who had gone beyond the call of duty for their City. The process involved 1,000 people in Management positions working for the City going to a cabin in the forest in groups of 70 for 24 hours, where the group leaders worked with them to gain insights and create videos of the stories. They came to Dublin to hear of projects, which tap into Dublin’s special qualities and make it exceptional to both its citizens and the public authority. The overlaps between the two projects, who had never met or crossed paths before was startling!

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