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Week 3 – Learning about Processes

Paul Natorp and Kristin Birkeland, two Scandinavian ‘process’ guru’s joined us for a skype lecture about processes. Paul and Kristin, along with their team of KaosPilot students, collaborated with the Designing Dublin 1.0 team in the 3rd week of the Clongriffin project. With their help, the team descended on Clongriffin with structured and well-considered methods of taking the residents on a journey to gain new insights. With Designing Dublin 2.0 Love the City, Paul and Kristin will be back in week 5 to drive the processes and push the team members to new reflections and insights.

They began by explaining what a process was: a way of meeting and engaging people. Kristin described it as a journey where you know where you want to get to but don’t know how to get there! By practicing the quality of listening, the team will develop an awareness of choosing where the conversation goes, and focusing on how to be taken to new places. A process leads to new insights, new relationships and builds capacity. Paul and Kristin emphasized the importance of having a clearly defined goal. “You will find what you are looking for always. So, be sure of what you are looking for” Kristin. When structuring a process, you have to consider:

1.     The desired outcome – What do we want to get to?

2.     Interaction – How can we engage people?

3.     Organisation – How do we make all of this happen?

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