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Week 3 – Sculpting with the KaosPilots


The morning that they KaosPilots arrived—and after personal introductions and our introduction cakes—Designing Dublin team members and the KaosPilots were asked to each pick up an object in the room. We were then given 3 minutes to collaborate and create a sculpture which represented our aspirations for Clongriffin. Then the hard part: we had to explain it! This informal method of engagement allowed us to discover many different interpretations of Clongriffin, and revealed some interesting methods of expression contained within the group.

When we were discussing the sculpture we decided that there were certain things about our sculptural (masterpiece) which did not clearly express our thoughts. We were given a further 2 minutes to change it. The effect our discussion had on the second iteration was clearly visible. Sculpture No.1 was very tight and fixed; sculpture No.2 was much more fluid and expressive.

» Eilish

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