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100 Examples

The 100 Examples were under Spirit,Society, Entrepreneurship,Storytelling. To come up with mu 100 Examples I used the notes I had taken from the talkers that we had in with us. That helped to wake the brain up in order to come up with examples. Then as I went into the headings I began to think more about what they meant to me on a personal level that helped to form my examples evern further. I went on my personal  knowledge in terms of  Community & Youth Work  then I  pushed myself to go beyond dublin and think on a national and global level.

Litstening to the other team members present on Stroytelling and Spirit also helped to open up my mind and thought process even more. A learning for me was that we all have a differnt view on spirit .It can be:  Attitdues,people,culture,spontaneous,individual,collective,groups,the future,architechture,memorary,carnival,colour,food,physical,moods and variety.

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