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My 100 ideas

So we had to come up with 100 examples and ideas each (20 x 5 themes) in 5 afternoons + 1 final full day.

I found it fairly easy to come up with the first 10 or so ideas in a theme, but the final 10 were generally much more difficult. Some themes were also easier/harder than others (which the entire team seemed to find) – presumably according to each of our own personal interests and leanings.

So for all of us our initial ideas were those ideas that have always been sitting in the backs of our heads (we all have them), the later ideas came from those random ideas that come into your head as you head around town and chat to friends etc…they were all duly noted immediately into my phone, and transferred onto a post-it the next day!

Below are my 100…

We had 3 minutes to (Dragons’ Den style) pitch ALL of 20 of our ideas in each theme to my colleagues, then they each voted for their favourite two. I then re-ordered the post-its according to most-favourite (we’ve only pitched Story and Spirit so far).

We then chose one of the voted-for post-its to ‘test’ out in the ‘real world’! (Will later post.)

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