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JC—George for president!

In designing a new Dublin and as a consequence a new Ireland, i want to start a campaign ‘George for President’

For those who dont know George, dont worry, there is a process in train.

Georges greatest attribute is his red beard, very important for an Irish president going into the future.

As i am a little pushed for time, watch this space and remember ‘George is our future’

Im back with George.

George, a bombastic and garrulous creature, loves his wife, though she can moan a little.

Our hero, who has returned from touring the world with this said wife, is availabe to share his wisdom whenever he can.

At present he is on a healthy eating diet andfeels we couldall cope better with the bad news daily if we ate and drank better.

George, a non drinker, has nothing against adrink or two but warns against excess.

Dublin-A City shaped by George.

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