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Week 1 – Interactions with Dublin

Friday provided insights into the area of interactions in the City, including digital interactions, community interactions and designed interactions. Teresa Dillon of Polar Produce began the morning with a talk illustrating the relationships between locality and environments. Teresa conveyed how art and technology interventions can affect how a community thinks about where they live and their relationship with this environment. She questioned how you address the hard perceptions of neighbourhood and art as a means to effect change.

Moving from the world of digital interactions, Sam Bishop, the magician behind Street Feast, drew attention to the culture of community interactions. On July 18th 2010, Street Feast instigated 35 nationwide events for neighbours to share lunch, celebrate local community and get to know one another. He generously shared with the team tips on engaging people, challenges he encountered and the drive behind Street Feast.

Finally, Lauren Currie from Snook flew in from Glasgow to talk to the team about her experiences of being a young, female entrepreneur working in the area of service design. She provided wonderful advice to the team about listening, putting yourself in other people’s shoes and creating positive change, with the mantra, “design WITH people rather than FOR people”. With the team now aiming for 80 examples and 80 ideas in total, they quickly pulled apart the speakers talks, paused to celebrate Lauren’s birthday, then launched into their research and ideation. Things are heating up in the studio!

Teresa Dillon: www.polarproduce.org
Sam Bishop: www.streetfeast.ie
Lauren Currie: www.wearesnook.com

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