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Week 1 – Society in Dublin

The focus of today was on Society in Dublin, with the speakers each bringing a varied focus to the discussion. Firstly, Peter O’Brien of Dartmouth Square spoke about the mood of collective action and sustainability growing in Dublin, the battle for ownership over Dartmouth Square and the growing focal point of Georgian Squares for communities in Dublin. Having negotiated the reopening of Darthmouth Square, Peter went on to restore the park and organise and facilitate a range of activities for the local community, such as yoga classes, charity fundraising, activism and film nights. Contrasting with the local scale, Tobias Lau of Social Action in Copenhagen brought the focus of the morning to a global scale. With a background in enthnography and having worked on Massive Change and with Bruce Mau Design, Tobias set up Social Action to give people the tools to change the world.

Finally, Dr Fergus McCabe rounded the discussion off by bringing to light the struggle of the forgotten in society, and in particular drug addicts. A sobering and reflecting talk that highlighted the many failings of Irish society to provide for those most in need of support. In the afternoon, the team again undertook finding 20 examples and 20 ideas relating to Society.

Tobias Lau: www.socialaction.dk

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