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Week 1 – Entrepreneurship in Dublin

Dublin as the underdog, the do-er and the rule breaker was discussed today as we explored the theme of entrepreneurship. What are the pitfalls, challenges and virtues of life as an entrepreneur in Dublin? Traditions versus conventions, the distance between you and the change you want to make, finding gatekeepers, staying positive, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and maintaining focus were common themes in all three of the inspirational talks. They were given by Killian Stokes co founder of mygoodpoints.org, an online platform for donating to charity projects using unused loyalty points, donations and payroll giving; Ronan Harrington co director of Ark, a not for profit clothing brand on a mission to spread kindness; and Olivier Vander Elst co founder of Greenaer, who are bringing green transport to Ireland through various products such as the Reva electric car.

While the team were given a real insight into the difficulties entrepreneurs face in the City, they were also inspired to hear of the openness of Dubliners to the passionate person working to create change. Again, the team were challenged to come up with 20 examples and 20 ideas related to entrepreneurship in the afternoon.

Killian Stokes: www.mygoodpoints.org
Ronan Harrington: www.arkhq.com
Olivier Vanden Elst: www.greenaer.ie

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