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Week 6 – The Poster Machine


On the Saturday of the Innovation Dublin week we ran a creative workshop called The Poster Machine. The idea was very simple and fun, and broke down into 3 easy steps:

  1. Jot down the answer to a thought provoking question (for example: When did you last surprise yourself? or What is your wish for Dublin?)
  2. The Blue Peter moment – build your answer to the question using pipecleaners, lego, paint, glue, lollypop sticks, balloons, crayons, coloured paper, crepe paper, etc.
  3. Take a photo of what you’ve made so that the photo be one of many images on the wall forming a collage or mural of images, wishes and colours.

As we had handed flyers out in St. Stephen’s Green to many families with small children, the workshop quickly became a throbbing hive of inventive activity as people, both young and not so young, got stuck into creating. The really interesting point was that this idea was so simple and so effective. Fun, creation and play connected people in a light and spontaneous way.

» Sophie

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