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Celebrating Love the City

Open House

We spent three months living by Thomas Edison’s wise words: “There is no substitute for hard work”. The work to scope the Love the City project was challenging, pushing us to test our assumptions, assume leadership roles, and seek perfection. We became forensic investigators of the City. No stone left unturned!

With the scoping complete, our book produced, and an exhibition in our working space, it was time to celebrate the blood, sweat, tears, cake, caffeine, late nights, early mornings, paper-cuts, in-jokes, post-it notes!

On Monday 31st May we began our celebration with a presentation to our Steering Group, which was received very positively. After this we tucked into an Italian Mamma’s style lunch in our courtyard, an opportunity for us all to share our favourite foods, drinks and stories. For the afternoon, we opened the doors of our studio and invited everyone and anyone to come in and view the exhibition. It was wonderful to receive all of the constructive feedback, to share what we had learned and to listen to new opinions and voices of the City.

By the end of the night, Edison’s words had long been forgotten, replaced with Theodore Roosevelt’s “When you play, play hard”!!

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