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Week 12 – Final day of the pilot

The final day of the Designing Dublin pilot project saw us all working in Clongriffin. Despite adverse weather conditions (freezing fog!) everything went very well and we had good participation from local residents. It’s been a very intensive three months and we’ve learned a huge amount from our engagements. We’ve received a huge amount of assistance from a number of people to whom owe a debt of gratitude. The following is a summary of the projects as they currently stand.


In lieu of a fully realised community centre, members of the Hothouse team invited the residents to paint the empty suite on the main street of Clongriffin. As part of a democratic process, the Hothouse team invited the residents to select their own colour. The chosen shade — Beauty queen pink! Later on that evening, the newly decorated suite was opened with an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Meanwhile, the Architectural Technologist students from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) are working on designs for the Hothouse which will be voted on by residents next spring.

» Deirdre » Ken » Eimear » Jeremy


Path to the Coast
The Path to the Coast team were joined on Saturday by Botany and Microbiology expert Eanna Ní Lamhna. Along with Eanna, the team lead their champions on a walk along some of the proposed route. They later celebrated this event by serving mulled wine. So far, the Path to the Coast project has been very successful. A design workshop has been planned in order to help the champions with some of the issues such as legal clearance, finance etc.

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Grow local
The Grow Local team held a breakfast meeting on Thursday. On Saturday, they continued to work with the asset map and met with other interested parties. They now plan to work with their champions (members of the community who are actively engaged), develop a business plan and seek funding. The long term objective is to start a shared business hub that will help foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Clongriffin.

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Over the last fortnight, the communications team have been testing a number of ideas out in Clongriffin including erecting a notice board on the bus stop (above), projecting moving imagery on screens, creating a web portal, web texting residents, disseminating printed material in the form of fliers.

» Sophie » Jim » Celine


In collaboration with parents and members of the PlayVision team, a number of children were able to realise their vision of Clongriffin in large scale models. The team have learned a lot from their experience with the children and see a potential for PlayVision in the future. An unexpected side effect of the process occurred later in the evening when people attracted by the new installation engaged with members of the team in conversations about Clongriffin.

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