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Week 10 – Communication


Since our first week in Clongriffin, questions began to arise concerning the issue of communication. We heard that there was a general disconnect in the community (people didn’t know their neighbours, people don’t stop and talk to each other etc.). During our week with the KaosPilots, two processes were designed in order to explore these issues; including Giant newspaper and Outdoor living room (more here).

What we learned from these two processes went on to inform a second iteration; managed by Sarah, Ken and Marcos. The work carried out by the three team members dealt with two components:

  1. How digital technology could be used to encourage communal interaction.
  2. How more traditional mediums could be used to encourage communal interaction.

Now that this project is in its third iteration, we have begun by examining the information gathered from both of the previous iterations. We intend on trying and testing a whole series of possibilities that will build on the previous work. So far, we have tested some very basic ideas, such as drawing on the hoarding on chalk (pictured above).

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