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Week 12 – Magical mystery tour


The last few days have been spent readying ourselves for the PlayVision project. While Luke and I continued to work in the office, Emmanuelle hit the €2 shops, buying up props and other items that were needed for the project. In order to inspire and excite the minds of the young children, we have cast certain team members as fictional characters. These characters were developed based on information that was gained from previous projects and include: an historical character; a fantasy character; a contemporary character.

With everything in place, we went out to Clongriffin and collaborated with the children from the two local schools. On two consecutive days, each school was taken on a magical bus journey which stopped at three planned destinations.


  1. Destination
    Here the children met with Nin (played by Ken). Nin told them a little about how he came to be here and what the area was like hundreads of years ago. He explained that there was a lot of fighting going on in the area. He asked the children to build him something that would help solve conflicts and make friends.

  2. IMG_9964

  3. Destination
    Then the children were taken to Father Collins Park where they met The Water Man (played by Jim). The Water Man told the children about life in the park, how he lived and what he ate. He told the children about the local wild life in the park and asked them to build him something for the animals.

  4. IMG_0106

  5. Destination
    Following this, the children were driven to the unfinished town centre where they met the builder (played by Eilish). The builder told them a little about how the area was built. She asked the children to build her something that would make Clongriffin better.

Once they had met with the three characters, the children were returned to the class room where we asked them to talk about their experiences. We then asked them to make a drawing of what they saw. Using this drawing we encouraged the children to make 3D model.

On Saturday we will be commanding one of the empty suits on the main street. The children have been asked to invite their parents along and help them make large scale versions of the 3D models they have made.

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