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Week 11 – PlayVision


With Marcos gone to pursue a PhD in Australia, the project Luke, Emmanuelle and myself have been working on has finally taken shape. It’s been a tough few weeks. For quite a bit of the time it didn’t feel like we were getting anywhere. Then Vannesa stepped in to help. She began by getting us to identify the various components of the project.  Then, once we had done this, we were then asked to draw an image of how we saw the project. These initial drawings were quite different from one another but allowed us to see our different perspectives.

Then Vannesa asked us to do a second drawing, only this time the drawing needed to convey a narrative of how we saw the process working. At first it seemed these drawings shared no common features but after some discussion, it we began to discover overlapping ideas. We then synthesised these ideas and created a third iteration. This third iteration is what has brought us to our process, which we feel very confident about.

Our process is called PlayVision.

The main concept underpinning PlayVision is that children can become teachers. With our process, we plan on stimulating the imaginations of some of the local children and let them tell us what Clongriffin will look like in the future. Developing this theme further, we are then going to get the children to collaborate with their parents and teach them about what they have learned.

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