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100 exciting things available to download!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

You can now download the map of 100 exciting things you didn’t know about the city centre,
so there is every reason to go out and love your snowy city! Also, if you have any exciting things that we missed we would love to add them to our list, please email them to us at info@design21c.com.

To download, click here.

A history of the world in 100 objects

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In preparing for their exhibition of 100 things you didn’t know about the city, the Designing Dublin 2.0 team learned how by uncovering and displaying some of its best kept secrets, a new picture of the city emerges.

Another project we’ve been aware of for a while now is the BBC’s A history of the world in 100 objects. The series, which is downloadable as 100 podcasts, consists of a collaboration between the BBC and the British Museum. Each episode, narrated by the director of the British Museum Neil MacGregor, helps to unfold a history of the world never seen before.

Visit the website here

Week 10 – 100 exciting things you didn’t know about
the City Centre

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

This week ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’ opened to the public! After a number of late nights, infinite cups of coffee and a comprehensive exploration of the value of tacks versus tape, the Designing Dublin team reached a significant milestone for both the project and the City. For the team, it galvanised the work they had been undertaking over the past two months, marked the completion of this phase of work and reinforced the value of the project. For the City and its citizens, it was an opportunity to explore, be inspired and give back to Dublin. We were astounded with the enthusiasm and interest the exhibition received, which shows a real desire amongst Dubliners to grow their relationship with the City.

The exhibition opened on Wednesday and Thursday and with the positive feedback we received, Filmbase kindly allowed us remain open for Friday and Saturday. In the main exhibition space each of the ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’ was mounted on a cardboard box, with the story of who told us it and why it was important attached. In a separate space, we covered the walls with photographs of the people we talked to during the Street Conversations, these are the people who shared with us their exciting things in the City Centre, shown in the main exhibition space. Visitors were asked to give feedback on the exhibition and also to add their own exciting things in the City Centre, which we had not included. This exhibition is a platform for growing from 100 exciting things to ‘One million urban offerings’. Certainly, given how much more people had to add to the list of exciting things, there is definitely the capacity within the City to reach one million. We also invited people to write a love letter to the City, to enjoy our wonderful cardboard furniture and to find out more about the work of our part-time volunteer group – Love the City Out Loud. The exhibition received a number of reviews in The Irish Times (look under ‘Take In’), Le Cool and the Irish Architecture Foundation.

If you didn’t get a chance to come along to Filmbase, a document of the ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’ will be available to download from this blog, so you too can explore the City through the eyes of your fellow Dubliners. Also, we will be turning this into a travelling exhibition. Again, stay tuned to this blog for upcoming venues. If you have a venue you would love to have the exhibition in, please email us!

With the exhibition, this growing awareness phase of the Love the City project closes and the team will now move on to defining an area to focus on in the City Centre and begin going deep in finding the challenges it faces and how they can best be addressed. In the meantime, keep sending us your exciting things and keep loving the City!

Week 10 – Love the City | Out Loud during Innovation Dublin

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Love the City | Out Loud volunteers presented 4 projects as part of the exhibition during Innovation Dublin. Each of the projects represented people in the city that are active, dedicated, creative and want to make their city a better place to live. Each of the projects were presented to the public as a prototype in order to engage people in conversation. The aim of this method being to gather feedback through direct interaction, and to push their ideas further through testing and reiteration. Love the City exhibition. Filmbase, Dublin 17-20th November 2010:

Urban swing – An installation of swings in unexpected places around the city. Designed to bring a smile to your wanderings.

Interactive noticeboard – A 3-dimensional noticeboard that moves around the City Centre to connect people and places.

Smart meter – Can we lend electrical meters through the libraries to help people understand how their habits affect their electrical consumption?

Graduate plug – A network to connect graduates with SME’s, sole traders and startups.