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Week 7 – Street Conversations

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The Love the City team hit the streets of Dublin this week, popping up at markets, bridges, schools and many more unexpected sites in the City! We were gathering ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about Dublin’ from the diverse groupings of people in Dublin. To find as many perspectives on the City as possible, the team divided into groups and conquered!

Putting the work done on ‘Ten easy ways to engage people in conversation’ into practice, the team prototyped, tested and executed 5 methods of finding opinions, outlooks, insights and golden nuggets of information from Dubliners.

1.     Hapenny bridge ribbons – Tara and Ciaran took over the infamous Hapenny Bridge, adorning the railings in hundreds of cyan blue ribbons, and asking passer-bys to write the one great thing they knew about in the City – that not many people know – on the ribbons. See Tara and Ciaran’s blogs for further information.

2.     Chat couch – Creating a living room setting in the street and inviting people in for a cup of tea and conversation caused a stir on the street of Dublin this week. Based outside the Gaiety Theatre on Wednesday and under the GPO on O’Connell Street on Thursday, the team asked people for their hidden gems, the challenges they face in the City and ideas of ways to overcome these. See Lindsay and Vincent’s blog for further information.

3.     Talking to teenagers – Shane and Mary wanted to find out from teenagers why and how they use the City Centre, and also what they know about the City that we do not know. They were nomads for two days, moving to various locations in the City, approaching teenagers and discussing these topics. See Mary and Shane’s blog for further information.

4.     Point Village Market – Using a stall as a base, John and Paul engaged relaxed Saturday market go-ers to identify little known gems, locations, experiences and events in the City and taking trips up the Big Wheel to show people a different perspective on Dublin while having a conversation. See John and Paul’s blog for further information.

5.     Children’s cameras – The hidden gems that children have in the City are fascinating, so Nuala and Micheál, armed with a disposable camera, pen and guidelines went along to an East Wall school to challenge the children to photograph their hidden gems. See Nuala and Micheál’s blog for further information.

It was a wonderful week, filled with exciting hidden gems! The team are now taking their learning’s from this week to further refine processes for engaging more specific groups of key City users next week at Design Week.