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Week 2 – 100 x 17 = 1700 ideas

Friday, September 18th, 2009


We spent an exhausting 2 days creating a 1700 strong database of international projects and ideas. This exercise has given us a new perspective on how other people think, not only around the world but in our own team! It was great to see the different ideas printed out and pinned up around the room. We presented our ideas to each other, one by one. To our surprise, very few of the ideas overlapped; proof that everybody on the team thinks very differently.

» Emmanuelle

Week 2 – Preparing for the Kaos Pilots

Monday, September 14th, 2009


The Kaos Pilots are an alternative school for learning and entrepreneurship based in Århus, Denmark. A team of 15 will join us next week to teach us about process design.

To prepare for our collaboration, we made up a comprehensive information pack including facts, pictures and the results of our work on project definition.

‘Clongriffin is like a Swiss Cheese. Very expensive but full of holes. Really not good value for money.’ — Marcos

‘The residents are pioneers, it was the Gold Rush and they gambled everything for the place. But they’re still waiting for the train to arrive. No train, no future.’ — Peter

» Emmanuelle

Week 2 – Project Definition

Monday, September 14th, 2009


This week, we were back in Ormond Quay, defining the project based on the research and information we gathered during the first week. This included the drawing of a value map of Clongriffin followed by a list of relevant questions on each theme: communications, location, identity of people and place, etc.

It was a very challenging day, full of construction and deconstruction. Vannesa introduced us to a new way of thinking about and processing information which many of us found frustrating.

‘It’s like having to guess cards you’d have behind your back!’
said Luke.

» Emmanuelle