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Science Gallery Stand – Street Conversations

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Continuing with our pursuit for more interesting gems of the city we headed to our friends, The Science Gallery.

They were running their Green Machines exhibit, and kindly gave us a table space to talk to people as they entered and left the main exhibit.

Our process was set as a simple one, grab people and ask them what their hidden gems of the city are. We had a sheet of post-it notes and a UV pen, so that the written gems are actually secret, and you needed to use our UV light to view and read other people “secret” gems.

This was great fun, and we found that the patrons of the Science Gallery are very disposed to discussing and sharing their views, which really made our lives very easy.

Below are some of our gems that we got

Lord Iveagh had an underground passage into the Iveagh Gardens which he used to frequent with ladies of the night

The rose garden in Trinity College

The George Bernard Shaw pub on Richmond St South has a blue double decker bus out the back that usually serves pizza

Chat Couch – Street Conversations

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

As part of our ongoing task of find 100 interesting things about Dublin City that people don’t know, we have been creating processes to harvest this information from as good a cross section of the users of Dublin city as possible.

Our process that we created to extract this info involved a relaxing conversation style setting. So we created a living room set on the street. Using a couch, chairs and coffee table we engaged with people on the street as they wandered past.

This all worked very well even in the rain, as we were sheltered by the canopy in front of the The Gaiety Theatre on the first day, and we managed to squeeze ourselves under the portico on the GPO the next day.  Some people took the time to sit and enjoy some tea and coffee while they thought about their answers,  and some people were happy to just stop for a minute and stand and talk.

It was great to be out on the streets chatting to people about the world they live in and what they love about it.

Most people got what we were looking for straight away, our hidden gems of the city.  Lots of people love Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Pk, but after a little pushing and further conversation we got some great little places and experiences that you can have in Dublin.

Here are a few of what we got, and I’ll post up more soon in a new posting.

Dublin bus ghost tour

Grand Canal Basin

St Stephens green playground

Burdocks chippers

Tea in Gresham Hotel

Lindsay’s City Centre Stakeholders and Users process 1

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Having been presented with the following post-its





and the original developed theme of “Authentic Produce” myself and Shane went to work trying to expand on themes, with the desire to run a process based on the question “Why aren’t people using the city as much?”

Main themes and questions that came out to us were to do with the uses/exploitation of resources and power.

Questions were:

What are the city resources?

How can we use these to the maximum potential?

How can we empower the necessary power to make it happen?

The plan for our process is to stimulate our participants with some stunning views of the city, which we hope will then trigger a flow resources they know of  around the city.

Then after a short bicycle trip to an area which has been designed to maximise its small space, and a stimulating conversation with its resident, more lists and thoughts will be produced by the participants thinking about how we can maximise the potentials of our list of resources.

After a talk by a young entrepreneur, linkages and thoughts will be shared and noted regarding who needs to be empowered (and how) to make the potentials a reality.

Lindsay’s 100 ideas

Friday, October 8th, 2010

As part of the Discovery Phase of our Love the City project, we came up with our own ideas for Dublin city. Based on the themes of Storytelling; Entrepreneurship, Society, Interactions with the city and spirit.

Have a read of “Junction Story Seat” to see one on my ideas in action!

Lindsay’s “100″ Examples of Love the City

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
These are my examples of projects in cities around the world.
Collected during the discovery stage of our Love the City project.
The slides run through the following themes:  Storytelling; Entrepreneurship; Society; Interactions in the City; Spirit.
The main methods of collating these examples was through internet research, rough searches on themes, plus also information gathering on known projects.

Junction Story Chair

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Having to execute one of our “spirit” or “story telling” ideas for the city last Friday. I found myself deciding on creating a “Junction Story Chair” to bring tales to the passerby.

People waiting to cross the road got a little snippet of a poem or story from “Duet for Two Dubs”, or they also had the option to tell their own tale from the chair.

As can be seen, some people felt that the chair wasn’t comfortable enough.