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Week 1 – Meeting with Clongriffin

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Clongriffin Meeting

We spent two days meeting with various people in Clongriffin; community workers, architects, planners and residents. Their level of passion and optimism was very inspiring and we learned a lot from them. During the afternoon we met with Paddy who ran the Trinity sports club. Trinity sports club was established in the late 80s. It features a number of sporting facilities such as a swimming pool, basket ball court and social club. We asked Paddy if many people from newly built area had joined the club, he told us that not many had joined.

» Brian

Week 1 – Father Collins Park

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009


On our first day in Clongriffin, we found a town beset with problems yet full of potential. The beautiful Father Collins Park, inaugurated last June, was a great morale booster for the local community. It includes a skatepark, playground and outdoor gym. The park is fully sustainable. Wind turbines generate the electricity needed to power the park. As well as this, the park also features an organic water purification system. Water in the park is directed to a pool which is situated beside the lake. Weeds in this lake help clean and purify the water before it is redirected into the main lake.

» Brian

Week 1 – Learning about Clongriffin

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

On the bus

Early one morning, the Designing Dublin team took the bus out towards north Dublin. Our destination: Clongriffin. Clongriffin is a new development located between Howth peninsula and Dublin City airport. Two days prior to our visit was spent familiarising ourselves with various documents and background information relating to the area; including planning reports, demographics, community development plans, statistics, photographs etc.

All of this material helped us to learn some basic information about Clongriffin. However, when our bus arrived in Clongriffin that day, we quickly realised we had a lot more to learn.

» Emmanuelle

Week 1 – Our first day

Monday, September 7th, 2009


The first day of the project took place at our Ormond Quay headquarters in Dublin City. Everybody was very excited about meeting one another and finding out more about what the pilot project was about. After meeting with the various people involved in the project, including its founders Jim Dunne and Jean Byrne, we were given an opportunity to meet one another and find out more about our respective backgrounds.