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Week 1 – Storytelling of Dublin

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The hard work begins! Today the new team began absorbing different perspectives of Dublin City. The theme for the day was ‘Storytelling of Dublin’, which pushed the team to begin re-remembering the City, reflecting on its character and what it means to be a Dubliner. We were joined by three wonderful guest speakers: Trevor White, founder of City of a Thousand Welcomes a project about the Dublin welcome, Nicky Gogan, who directed Seaview, a documentary about life in Mosney for immigrants, and Jeanette Lowe, a photographer immersed in Dublin City life. They provided stirring insights into Dublin and its identity through their respective mediums of conversation, documentary and photography.

In the afternoon, the team began assembling 20 examples and 20 ideas each, related to the theme of ‘Storytelling of Dublin’. By the conclusion of the Information Soak phase, the team will have assembled 100 examples and 100 ideas, which will function as a well of inspiration and knowledge for the duration of the project.

Nicky Gogan: www.stillfilms.org

Jeanette Lowe: www.jeanettelowe.ie

Week 1 – Love the City begins!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Love the City began with a launch day extravaganza!! The new team assembled in our Cultivate space and had a brief opportunity to meet each other, the team leaders and Vannesa before they became submerged in inspiring words from key Love the City patrons.

We were joined by Design TwentyFirst Century founder Jean Byrne, City Manager John Tierney, Assistant City Manager Michael Stubbs and the Steering Group, Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn alumni and friends. They each provided words of wisdom and encouragement to the new team; warning them of the importance of the project, daring them to seize opportunities, and exposing the personal journey that lay ahead of them.

With these words swimming around the new team’s brains, Peter Leonard and Mary Conway joined us in the afternoon to present their City Centre projects. It was a first taster for the team of working together, posing tough questions and imagining potential collaborations.

A very exciting day, which left everyone exhausted but hungry for more!