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Week 9 – Sounding team visits Clongriffin

Friday, November 6th, 2009


This week, we moved back to Clongriffin. We arrived early in the morning and set up the presentation for the sounding group in the suite on the main street. This time, the sounding team included: Ali Grehan (Dublin City Council – Senior Architect), Dick Gleeson (Dublin City planner), Lorna Maxwell (Dublin City Council – Senior Executive Officer) and Jim Dunne (Design Twentyfirst Century).

Each team had 15 minutes to present and answer questions. Overall, the feedback was positive and we were told that the projects had evolved since the last time we met with them. We had a meeting to discuss the comments we received. Our plan for next week is to keep working on the projects and prototypes in Clongriffin based on feedback we received.

» Marcos

Week 9 – Speed Architecture

Thursday, November 5th, 2009


The Community Hothouse Project held its second meeting on Wednesday 11th of November. The objective was to quickly capture the community wishes for the proposed community hothouse. The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the four architecture firms involved were present at the session. For this, we adapted a process first used with the KaosPilots back in September.

We asked the community a number of questions under three headings: Dream Building, Building Care , Activities & Stuff. This process was to help the community think about the look and feel of the building, the kind of activities they saw happening in it and how building might be maintained.

While the community numbers were smaller than our first meeting — it was bucketing rain — we got very high quality input. It became clear that the community primarily saw this as a place to meet and gather rather than a sports facility, that they rated the green/eco nature of the building highly and that they wanted as much light as possible. We let the community know that the process would be documented and circulated back to them and would be finalised by the 20th.

We were pleased with the process as it gathered the required information quickly and in a fun manner and felt the process was educational for us, the community and the architects.

» Deirdre » Jeremy » Rachel » Ken

Week 9 – Swapping teams

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


This week, the group has experienced a lot of change. Swapping teams has helped us to understand the importance of being more open with each other and sharing our ideas. It has also taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid to let certain projects die if they aren’t working. The new teams have injected a new kind energy into the group in total. We are all feeling very positive. Luke, Emmanuelle, Brian and myself are working on the local expressionproject. Up until now, we have all been working on different projects. The experience we have gained working on these projects should help enrich the process.

» Marcos

Week 9 – Voting on projects

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


On Monday morning we reviewed our week in Clongriffin. Vannesa discussed the Dublin City Council’s request with us and the feedback from our presentations. Each team had to write up a document to capture the projects current state. Vannesa gave us a number of headings for paragraphs to be completed (e.g. what we heard, processes of engagement tried so far, next steps, personal learnings etc.)

After completing this task we then began choosing the projects that we wanted to work on. Vannesa created a grid. This grid included certain headings, such as: what we heard a need for, where we identified a project, where the project is located etc. Using post-its, we wrote all of the projects down and placed them upon the grid. Once this was in place, we began voting on the projects.

On Tuesday morning, we had a meeting to count the votes from the previous day. The projects that were chosen included: Community hothouse, trail to the coast, communication & exchange, expression, grow economy, social town, local expression.

In order to keep things fresh, Vannesa decided to mix things up a bit. Picking our names out of a hat, she re-mixed the teams. These new teams will stay together for the remainder of the week. This kind of democratic approach helps us to stay loose. It also generates space for the unexpected to happen.

» Marcos