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Week 8 – Community Hothouse launches

Friday, October 30th, 2009


11 interested parties attended a meeting on Tuesday November 3rd on the Community Hothouse proposal. Those present included residents, a teacher and members of a local church. Deirdre, Luke and Peter made the presentation on what would be involved in the community designing, building and running their own community centre in Clongriffin. The need for this new centre was identified as residents frequently commented on the lack of a shared venue that could host local meetings, cafés and other local community activities.

Dublin City Council site is available for a temporary building opposite the park on the main street — beside Trinity Sport & Leisure Club. Dublin Institute of Technology offer of assistance was outlined to the residents. Four architects would draw up different designs for the site taking into account the need for community involvement in the construction and management of the building.

Residents raised questions on how the building would be financed, was the site too far from the schools for everyday use;  would the building be staffed, the practicalities of getting residents involved in the building and other practical issues.  It was agreed there was sufficient interest to allow the DIT proposal to continue and that the group would reconvene again the following week for a speed architecture session to explore community desires for this centre.

It was very heartening for the Designing Dublin team to get such a positive reaction to the proposal particularly when we followed the thread on clongriffinresidents.com. There were of course reservations and questions but the community was more than willing to explore this concept further.

» Deirdre

Week 8 – Trying out & testing ideas

Friday, October 30th, 2009


The rest of the week was spent further crafting the projects and testing the ideas with the people of Clongriffin who had come by the office. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side, which made having a presence on the street quite difficult. So instead, we tried to think of as many ways to get the word out as possible. Eilish and Brian took action, boarding the 128 bus to hand out Designing Dublin chocolate bars!

» Rachel