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Week 15 – Our working area – The Markets!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

After a lovely, lengthy Christmas break, the team came back filled with energy and decisiveness! The first task of the week had been burning away on many of the team’s minds over the break – what part of the City Centre will our project focus on? Before the Christmas break, we had agreed to disagree! With four main focus areas defined (see week 14), and within each of them many further permutations, we began by reviewing each option, discussing their scale-ability, our potential impact and the balance of give and take. This process began to clarify the character of each area and informed our selection of the selected area. We also discussed these options with a number of key members of our Steering Group, to hear their thoughts on where the project focus should be over the next 3 months.

The Markets area between Capel Street and Church Street, north of the Liffey emerged as a place in the City that despite its many assets, such as the fruit and vegetable markets, four courts and charming grittiness, does not have a lot of people stopping by. It is a key area in the City Centre, linking Henry Street and Capel Street to Smithfield and Stoneybatter, with the Luas running directly through it. The Markets area holds many secrets, where your curiosity leads you in to explore a textured, unpredictable and scruffy expression of Dublin’s soul. We would love to get the most out of these attributes over the coming weeks, beginning by undertaking a site study, engaging the local community to understand their needs and prototyping 10 ideas to see what sticks.

Week 15 – Ronni Tino’s Presentation

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Week 15 – Ronni Tino’s visit

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Ronni ‘Technology’ Tino joined us for two days this week to help us better understand the potential of technology in relation to our working area. Ronni comes from the small island of Bornholm in Denmark and has worked with Innovation Lab and New Media Days in Copenhagen. He studied Digital Media and has been a bicycle courier in Copenhagen. He shared with us many stories but one in particular related to his courier career allowed us to see that couriering creates a unique addiction to the City. Using the City as an office desk results in an acute awareness of streets, linkages and developments. Ronni’s second passion is technology, which he defined as, “A tool that can be applied to anything”.

Ronni believes we have the obligation to transform data into something that is tangible, visual and expressive. He shared with us a number of his own projects, which illustrate this belief, such as Copenhagen Layer, where in the run up to Cop15, the climate change summit, he developed a prototype of a sensor to measure and map pollution levels on the streets of Copenhagen at different times of the day. This developed awareness among the residents of Copenhagen, giving them live-time information and making visible information that is otherwise invisible. Ronni also showed us a number of international examples – in Holland, another particularly effective example of technology and cities was a billboard campaign against aggression to public service workers. Passer-by’s found themselves involved in  augmented reality on a billboard, where an ambulance was being attacked. It asked the citizens to consider what actions they would take if they found themselves in this situation, click here to view. These examples, among others, began the team considering ways in which technology can be applied to address various issues or explore potentials in the Markets area of Dublin City Centre.

Week 15 – Book Club!

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Love the City has officially opened it’s book club! The idea is that each week one person receives a small fund, which they can spend on books that they find relevant to the project, to share amongst the other team member’s. They have two weeks to purchase read and present back the information to the team. The criteria for choosing books is relatively wide, relating to the project focus such as cities, community and design or it can also be of relevance to our everyday such as team dynamics, relaxation techniques or dolphin noises! The first book was purchased by Lindsay and is called ‘Redrawing Dublin’ by Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy. Our book list will be coming your way!

Week 15 – Designing Dublin 2.0 team on Near 90.3FM

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

We are generally an excited bunch, but nothing has got us buzzing more than the prospect of joining Near 90.3FM on the airwaves for the next 12 weeks!! A friend of Designing Dublin, John O’Shea came to us with an offer of joining Near 90.3FM on Saturday evenings between 6pm and 7pm to discuss the project. Each week, two members of the team will take to the airwaves to share their experiences, interact with the audience and celebrate the City. So tune in on 90.3FM or www.nearfm.ie this Saturday and every Saturday until the end of the project. Podcasts will also be available to download after broadcasting, from this blog